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The mapathon focuses on improving the map of irregular settlements at risk throughout the region.

OpenStreetMap is a base-map and also a community committed to sustainable development. Two-thirds of the population of Latin America lives in cities, a large part of it in conditions of high marginalization. An important part of these cities grow spontaneously and disorderly, the quality of life of their inhabitants is regularly affected by humanitarian crises due to natural events and political crises. We assume that the settlements are located in areas with a high level of risk and that certain population groups have an even higher vulnerability: women, the elderly, and people with a physical disability or health impairment.

The mapping of identified areas will allow the inventorying of different elements such as the accessibility and status of constructions, in turn facilitating on-site work, planning and adaptation activities in communities and thus help to mitigate the vulnerability of these population groups, with a greater comparative impact among the most vulnerable. The existence of a base-map gives the opportunity to develop, in future stages, more specific information focused on the development of communities with local knowledge.

Please map the basic elements of the map: streets, buildings and easy recognizable forms, villages, settlements, natural areas. There is already some information mapped on each task cell. To map the best way, follow the instructions carefully. The mapping is simple but requires attention.

Thank you very much for your participation, on behalf of the different participating organizations.

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Asentamientos irregulares
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Entities to Map
Edificaciones, vias primarias, secundarias y terciarias, cuerpos de agua, zonas de bosque y manglares
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When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".



Draw what you can recognize in the aerial image, with the following tags when they apply. You can write the values in the search engine or go to the tags section at the bottom of the options menu.

  • Buildings and houses:

Draw the contours of houses and buildings, orthogonally even when some part of it is under the cover of the trees. After completing the polygon, you can use the 'S' key to square the object's angles. Try not to join the lines and nodes of the buildings between different polygons​. The 'ALT' key helps prevent neighboring nodes from joining while you draw.

Use 'building = yes' or search for 'Building' in the search engine Alternate text

  • Settlements:

Draw a polygon around the built-up areas and use 'landuse = residential' + 'residential = irregular_settlement' Alternate text

  • Pathways and roads:

Draw the routes as completely as possible and connect the paths through their nodes. It is best to avoid isolated and very short segments of routes. Be careful not to stick the lines nodes with areas nodes (such as residential areas, land-use areas, administrative boundaries, buildings, etc.) When the routes on the aerial photos are interrupted by the tree cover, it is important to connect them between their sections in order to maintain​ the road system. Try to extend the routes slightly beyond the task frame, so that people who cover other tasks can easily continue the road system.

For local transit streets, use 'highway = residential' or search for 'Residential' in the search engine. Alternate text

If it is a dirt road, within a settlement, use 'highway = residential' + 'surface = unpaved' Alternate text

If the road crosses a large space between settlements or outside the built-up area, use 'highway = unclassified' Alternate text

  • Waterways:

Use 'waterway = river' as a line, marking the direction of arrows towards the tributary of the river, the sea. If the direction is wrong, it can be changed by clicking the finished line.

  • Water bodies:

Draw a polygon and label with 'natural = water' + 'water = pond'

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